Health information software vendors

CIHI develops standards and specifications to support the collection of data and its submission to us. Licences are extended to health information software vendors to access and use this information to develop computer software products that support data collection and submission. In order for their software to be used to collect data and submit it to CIHI, software vendors must first be licensed by CIHI and then have their software products successfully passed CIHI’s testing requirements.


A health information software vendor that wishes to access and use CIHI’s product specifications and standards to develop computer software products is required to have a signed licence agreement in place with CIHI. CIHI’s Health Information Standards and Specifications Agreement (HISSA) governs ongoing access to and use of CIHI’s product specifications. In addition to signing the HISSA, software vendors are also required to complete an annual subscription process to access and use these products. Software vendors with a signed HISSA that have subscribed to the products are considered licensed CIHI commercial customers.

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All health information software vendors are required to test any software product they have developed for submitting data to ensure that it meets CIHI’s requirements, standards and specifications prior to live data submission. As well, certain product specifications may require testing on an annual basis or following a change, correction or update.

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Health information software vendors by data holding

CIHI is neutral and does not recommend, endorse or support any specific health information software vendors. However, software vendors that have signed a HISSA, are in good standing with CIHI, and whose software has passed CIHI’s testing requirements, are listed on CIHI’s website for reference purposes.

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