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​​Take a closer look at statistics from the Canadian Organ Replacement Register database on dialysis, organ transplantation and donation characteristics, trends and patient outcomes.

​​​The latest annual statistics (2012 to 2021) from the Canadian Organ Replacement Register (CORR), including dialysis, organ transplantation and donation characteristics.

CIHI’s strategic activities and outcomes for the reporting quarter, as well as the financial highlights and statements for that period.

​​Explore the provision of virtual mental health services by physicians in Canada during the first year of the pandemic.

​​Learn about use of physician services by patients with a diagnosis of anxiety or depression, corresponding physician payments and the impact of the rapid implementation of virtual care.

​​This infographic presents a profile of seniors at risk of frailty in Canada, including top deficits (or frailty conditions), health outcomes and more

Explore information and data related to the CIHI Hospital Frailty Risk Measure, an acute care contextual measure developed to characterize the risk of frailty among hospitalized seniors.

Learn more about emergency department visits and lengths of stay by province and territory, based on data submitted to the National Ambulatory Care Reporting System.

This companion report describes the progress made to date on indicator development and reporting, and how to interpret results for 3 new indicators.

Explore the latest products related to new pan-Canadian indicators about access to home and community care and to mental health and substance use services.

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