Learning Centre

CIHI’s Learning Centre offers a large number of educational products and services. The courses cover, among other things, how to code data, how to submit data to CIHI, how to use CIHI’s reports and how to use data for decision-making.

CIHI delivers its education sessions through the following methods:

  • Web conferences: Live, online interactive presentations with discussion
  • Workshops: Face-to-face interactive sessions at locations across Canada
  • Self-study: Interactive elearning courses
  • Downloadable documents
  • Online web conference recordings with learning assessments (where applicable)

Non–Core Plan users are subject to CIHI’s Learning Centre pricing policy. Read more on our Information for learners page.

Visit our Events and Education page for additional information or email help@cihi.ca.


CIHI’s eStore offers access to CIHI’s products, publications, instruction manuals and other tools. Access to some eStore products is restricted to clients whose organizations have signed a service agreement with CIHI.

The quantities provided through the Core Plan to health care facilities are determined by the health care facility type, the total number of beds and the annual volume of case abstracts. Some Core Plan elements are subject to confidentiality and privacy restrictions, and are provided taking into account any imposed limitation.

If you have a disability and would like CIHI information in a different format, visit our Accessibility page.