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Health information software vendors that have successfully passed CIHI testing

Health information software vendors with software that has passed CIHI’s testing requirements since 2017–2018 were not required to complete vendor testing because there have not been any significant changes. New software vendors, and software vendors with new software are required to complete testing. Refer to the following list of all software vendors that have successfully passed CIHI testing.

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Company Software Date
Anzer IT Healthcare 3.2.28 April 27, 2017
Civica 6.1 June 6, 2017
Goldcare TXT and XML Testing March 24, 2017
Med2020 294.0.0 April 19, 2017
MED2020 WinRecs 3.0 April 29, 2020
Mede-Care 408 April 13, 2017
Medical Information Technology Inc. (Meditech) 5.6 April 3, 2017
Medical Information Technology Inc. (Meditech) Expanse April 27, 2017
Momentum Healthware 7.41 March 20, 2017
Point Click Care 2017 April 3, 2017
VitalHub Inc. (previously B Sharp) B Sharp - 2017 April 12, 2017
VitalHub Inc. (previously Clarity Healthcare Solutions) Clarity - 4.09 March 22, 2017
VitalHub Inc. (previously HInext) HInext - 5.0 March 24, 2017
Yardi Canada Ltd. MDS_2_0-5.0 June 27, 2019

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