CIHI Portal

CIHI Portal is an innovative way of viewing, sharing, reporting and working with CIHI data. This comprehensive web-based analytical environment provides registered users with access to pan-Canadian comparative data, the ability to create customized reports utilizing a world-class business intelligence tool and the opportunity to collaborate with other CIHI Portal users.

CIHI Portal allows Canada’s health care organizations-such as hospitals and regional health authorities-to explore and answer today’s most pressing health care questions.

CIHI Portal provides access to premium health data that allows you to

  • Evaluate. Create your own in-depth analysis reports with an easy-to-use business intelligence tool. View your organization’s data over time, analyze what is driving your indicators and compare yourself with your pan-Canadian peers.
  • Decide. Make informed decisions based on comprehensive, timely reports about clinical administration, resourcing, service provision, cost efficiencies and patient flows.
  • Collaborate. Share data and analyses with CIHI Portal’s community of users and work together to apply new knowledge to your planning and decision-making.

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