Welcome to CIHI’s Indicator Library

Here you’ll find tools to help you understand and interpret the indicator information. You’ll also find resources related to other CIHI products, such as the Your Health System web tool.

Your Health System Resources

The following documents provide detailed information on the methodology and technical information within CIHI’s Your Health System web tool:

Indicator Library Resources

The following documents provide more information on the content within the Indicator Library:

  • Areas of Need Description (PDF)
    Areas of Need are used to further describe an indicator that is part of the Health System Output dimension of the Health System Performance (HSP) Measurement Framework and to characterize individuals’ health service use over their lifetimes.

  • CIHI Data Holding Metadata
    Learn more about all of CIHI’s databases, which are used to calculate our indicators.

  • Diagnosis Typing for Hospital Care (PDF)
    Descriptions of patient diagnosis typing used in our DAD and HMDB hospital discharge databases.

  • General Methodology Notes (PDF)
    Methodological details of the clinical health system performance indicators.

  • HSP Reference Guide 
    The HSP Reference Guide is an interactive tool that guides stakeholders to the various tools, reports and products that CIHI offers to support health system performance management. It also points to relevant external resources about Canadian health system performance.

  • Health System Performance Measurement Framework
    Indicators are mapped to the Health System Performance Measurement Framework, which was developed by CIHI to understand how to measure and improve health system performance.

  • International Comparisons at CIHI (PDF)
    Provides methodological information on the OECD indicators that CIHI calculates for Canada.

  • Model Specifications (PDF)
    Provides the regression coefficients and model specifications for clinical health system performance indicators.

  • Peer Group Methodology (PDF)
    Learn about the methodology used to create the peer group categories that are used to group facilities that have similar structural and patient characteristics.

  • Print and/or Export Data From This Tool (PDF)
    Details of the computer settings required to print and/or export data from the Indicator Library.