Welcome to CIHI’s Indicator Library

How to find indicator information

In the Indicator Library, follow these steps to find information:

Step 1: Use 1 of 2 tabs to find indicators in the library

a. View Indicators allows you to sort or refine the full list of indicators.
b. Search by Indicator Keyword allows you to search for indicators using keywords.

Step 1a: View and refine indicator list

In the View Indicators tab, you can view, sort or filter the list of all indicators in the library.

    • Each column can be sorted (alphabetically or numerically) by selecting the column header (press Enter on your keyboard). Select the column header again to reverse the sorting order.
    • To see a refined list of indicators, select the Refine Indicator List tab and then select the Health System Performance Measurement Framework dimensions and/or areas of need (PDF) you are interested in.

Indicator Library home page, with first 2 columns of table highlighted Indicator and HSP Framework.

Step 1b: Search by indicator keyword

In the Search by Indicator Keyword tab, you can find an indicator by entering keywords in the search box.

Step 2: Access indicator metadata

Once you have selected an indicator, you will be directed to its indicator page. This page contains a short description of the indicator under the Summary View tab and a more detailed description of the indicator methodology under the Detailed View tab.

You can view the metadata for several indicators at a time by opening multiple browser tabs. You can do this by pressing the Ctrl button on your keyboard while selecting on the indicator name in the list. A new browser tab will open with that indicator’s metadata, and the list of indicators will remain in the main browser tab you were working in. You can do this for as many indicators as you’d like.

Step 3: Access indicator results

On the indicator metadata page, you can access indicator results by selecting on either the Indicator Results link in the Summary View tab or the See Indicator Results icon in the page header.

Sample indicator metadata page, with See Indicator Results icon and Indicator Results link highlighted.

Step 4: Print and export indicator metadata

When in either the Summary View or Detailed View tab, you can also print and export information using either the print or Excel icon.

Sample indicator page, with Print icon and Export as Excel icon highlighted.